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If you’ve always wanted to drive a luxury car around Addison, but you’re not ready to put $50,000 down on your next vehicle, visit Net Motorcars. We have a wide selection of affordably-priced used luxury cars in Addison that are in like-new condition. In fact, we preserve all of our luxury vehicles in a climate controlled indoor showroom to protect them from the elements, ensuring they remain in pristine condition. Read on to learn more about the luxury brands and vehicles we often stock in our showroom!

Used Lexus Models

If you’re in the market for a used Lexus sedan in Addison, they often turn up on our showroom for affordable prices. Lexus is one of the most iconic luxury brands because they introduce groundbreaking tech to their class. For instance, Lexus was the first brand ever to implement 8-speed automatic transmissions. As you might gather from that alone, Lexus cars are known for their sharp handling, but also for their aerodynamic frames, and—naturally—their high-standard of interior luxury. Here are a few popular models:

Used Lexus

Lexus IS

  • Used Lexus IS: The Lexus IS is a popular, entry-level subcompact that emphasizes performance and sharp handling, all while providing an elegant leather interior, among other luxury perks. As an entry-level model, the IS would be a more affordable option for drivers seeking luxury on a tighter budget.
  • Used Lexus GS: If you’re looking for a used luxury sedan close to Addison, you’ll want to consider the Lexus GS, which promises all of the safety, handling, and interior finery of the IS, but is more spacious and much more powerful. In fact, we see this mid-sized sedan on the track quite often.
  • Used Lexus RX: As typical of the brand, the RX is notably safe and powerful. Unique to the RX, however, is its size and fuel efficiency. This luxury SUV has more than enough room for you and your family to all enjoy its exquisite comfort. And despite its size, the RX gets high fuel economy numbers, and is even available as a hybrid

Used Mercedes-Benz Models

Along with Audi and BMW, Mercedes-Benz makes the best-selling luxury cars in the world. Aside from their popularity, Mercedes-Benz luxury cars are also known for their reliability—in fact, a study at Reuters suggested that Mercedes-Benz has the all-time lowest number of recalls. No wonder then that in the J.D. Power’s initial Quality Study, Mercedes-Benz ranked 5th out of every auto brand for fewest vehicle problems within 90 days of purchase. If you’re looking for a used Mercedes-Benz luxury car near Addison, these highlights often frequent our lot:

Used Cadillac

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

  • Used Mercedes-Benz S: Known as the world’s best-selling full-sized luxury sedan, the S model emphasizes raw power, available with a range of powerful engines—many of which are track worthy. Interior features have included everything from artisanal, hand-stitch leather seats to glass roofing.
  • Used Mercedes-Benz C: The C model is available as a sedan, station wagon, and hatchback coupe, so it’s quite versatile and can match a wide range of tastes. It also sports riveting performance numbers, while juggling better fuel economy than you’d expect from most luxury cars.
  • Used Mercedes-Benz R:Perfect for families, the R model is a spacious sport cruiser that’s known for its dedication to safety. While it features all of the available V6 and V8 engines you’d expect from a luxury car, it also gets high fuel economy numbers that will contradict your expectations about its notoriously inefficient class, demanding performance, and big build.

Used Cadillac Models

Perhaps the most iconic luxury brand to American buyers, Cadillac has been making cars since 1902—they’re the second oldest manufacturer in automotive history, and have proven themselves to consumers for over a century. Renowned for their performance, aggressive style, and fine interior materials, Cadillac luxury vehicles come through our inventory quite often. If you’ve been in the market for a used Cadillac, these are a few models we regularly see on our lot:

Used Mercedes

Cadillac Escalade

  • Used Cadillac CTS: The CTS is one of the most highly lauded midsized luxury vehicles of all time. Available as a sedan, coupe, or sport wagon, it suits a wide range of needs. But one thing is consistent to all of the CTS models: handling and speed.
  • Used Cadillac SRX: The SRX is an award-winning luxury SUV—perfect for families. Naturally, it includes all of the power you’d expect from a luxury car, but includes a longer list of refined amenities, which has included everything from a sunroof to DVD screens for each of the SRX’s three rows, depending on model year.
  • Used Cadillac Escalade: With leather seats, a sound system worthy of its cavernous interior, and plenty of advanced safety tech, the Escalade has been a mainstay of the suburbs since the late 90’s—truly one of the most enduring family vehicles yet.

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